Melissa Umbach

Prairie Girl at Heart

Manitoba born and raised, Melissa spent her childhood exploring the wide open spaces of the Interlake region. A keen observer of birds and wildlife; now often featured in her artwork.  She now resides in coastal British Columbia with her family.

Artistic Expression Everywhere

Artistic expression is not limited to canvas. She mainly works in watercolour, ink, acrylic and oil.  She enjoys travel, travel sketching, plein air and productive studio time.  Melissa's  creativity extends to fibre arts and sewing, specifically ballet and historically correct costumes. 

Awards, Events and Publications

-First Place- Sublime Art Show and Sale 2018, Tsawwassen, BC

-Best In Show at the Northwest Washington Fair

-Scottish Deerhound Club of America; Judges Handbook Illustration

-Deas Island Dance, Program cover artwork 2005-2018

-Movie "Best In Show", produced artwork used onscreeen and cameo appearance with her Deerhound


Commission inquiries welcome.